About Us

Like all of us, We are always searching for the very special gift, present or purchase which we want to be priced as reasonable as possible and furthermore with excellent customer service from beginning to end.

This is where we really care. It is not just about making a purchase from us but the care from beginning to end with you.

Many companies will promise this, that and the other but fall short when things go wrong.

Do we like it when things go wrong, of course not. But unfortunately into todays fast paced world we live in, things do happen or go wrong and it is the way that a Company, Retailer, Seller deals with this that makes the difference.

So rest assured, we are behind you, our customers throughout all of the ordering & delivery process. 

Unlike many retailers whom staff there emails at certain times and can take the best part of 2-5 days for a reply, we are only a small team but your emails will be received and personally responded to by one of the team in 10 hours or under 7 days a week. 

Whether that email is just to say Hello, Help with ordering and delivery, we're here for you.