EverDrive NES Cartridge N8 Game Card Retro 1000 in 1

EverDrive NES Cartridge N8 Game Card Retro 1000 in 1

  • N8 Remix Game Collection China Version
  • Compatible: Nintendo Model Family Computer, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Classic
  • Brand Name: RETROSY
  • Origin: Mainland China

    Support original US version of NES system, support some NES compatible machines.

    ☑ Support NES / FC games and FC drive games.

    ☑ Supports automatic flipping of FC / NES drive games.

    ☑ Support instant archive and reading

    ☑ Support FC / NES game gold finger.

    ☑ FC / NES game archive automatic backup to SD card (no special operation required) ***

    ☑ The Mapper support can be increased through software upgrade (the system loads the new Mapper file from the SD card)

    ☑ Support FAT / FAT16 / FAT32 format memory card.

    ☑ Support 32GB SD memory card.

    ☑ High-speed loading games (usually only 4 ~ 8 seconds to load each game)

    ☑ Custom game cartridge label,

    ☑ OS-V13 , The newest and best circuit

    ☑ Don't Support OS updates.

    ☑ With save function, save progress, never lost

    ☑ Comes with a 1000 Game TF card and a variety of games

  • The main control uses the powerful Cyclone II FPGA chip

  • 2 x 512Kbyte SRAM as PRG and CHR data carrier.

  • 128kbyte game archive chip.

  • 1Mb flash BIOS chip.

  • The matching level between the voltage transition buffer on the PPU and CPU bus is 5V NES bus and 3.3V EverDrive bus. Far less noise and power consumption than simple resistor buffering


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